This is the official campaign website for a London rent cap. Sign the petition.

We all know that rents are unaffordable in London. We need a rent cap so:

  • Renters don’t have to choose between buying food or paying the rent
  • Londoners can afford to live in the city with the most jobs in the UK
  • There is less incentive to become a buy to let landlord, thus allowing first time buyers more opportunities to buy properties
  • To reduce the housing benefit bill drastically – the money saved could be used to build affordable homes

Most ordinary people who work in London know that they will have to move far out of London if they want to have a family as rents for family size properties are so high. Many struggle to even afford a room in a shared house.

London should not only be affordable to the rich or to those who are lucky enough to own homes.

We need to stop seeing property as an investment, and instead see it as a home.

You can sign the campaign petition on 38 Degrees website here.  We currently have over 70,000 signatures. Let’s try and increase it to 100,000!